What’s A Chief Keef?

blame it on Meka April 21, 2012

“I Don’t Like”

When this artwork for the remix to “I Don’t Like” sprang up last night, some folks were wondering who the hell Chief Keef was, and how he managed to secure an all-star cast for his song. I’ve been reading about him ever since I was asked to spin his music at a show I did in Florida last week* (where I asked that question you see above), and I found this piece in Complex and this more in-depth joint over at Gawker.

A 16-year-old from the South Side of Chicago, he’s been steadily buzzing locally for the last year or so, before a certain video on a certain website threw him into the spotlight which had folks asking the same aforementioned question you see above. The homie Andrew over at Fake Shore Drive has been one of Keef’s earliest supporters, where I was able to get more info on him, but instead of regurgitating what everyone else has said about him I figure I’d take this lazy Saturday morning to express my thoughts on the guy.

It’s ratchet as shit. Like, extremely ratchet. Imagine if the riotous energy Lex Luger and Fozzie Bear mated with the nihilistic, recently-got-shot-9-times 50 Cent and created its own thugged-out offspring, and you have Chief Keef. It’s not lyrically heavy (read: not at all), and it’s more of a Trap Muzik than T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle state of mind. If you’re more into rap’s soulful, “music-with-a-message” stylings, chances are you won’t fuck with him musically. However, if you enjoy your music that’s light on meaning and heavy on #BrilliantIgnorance every once in a while, then you may enjoy his music. Kanye seems to really enjoy it a lot, which likely prompted this collaboration. I’m personally on the fence about Keef, but that may change once this remix drops and/or I get another Chief Keef request at a party I spin (I’m a bit more prepared this time). SHAKE EDIT: Me? I agree 100% with my TSS family and their thoughts.

That’s my two pennies on the matter. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, I’m off to be with my favorite person in the world.

* – Interestingly enough, the show where the guy requested Chief Keef was headlined by Reks. Or, interesting to me at least.