Drake Reveals Collabs w/ Meek Mill & 2 Chainz

blame it on hologram shake April 24, 2012

During a conference call earlier today, Drake speaks on collaborating with his Club Paradise tourmates. Stating that he’s made sure to record a track with everybody that’s performing.

I have very strong alliances with these guys that are on this tour with me. I guess it’s safe to say now that anybody that I didn’t have a song with before, I have a song with now. I made sure of that… Along with this tour, fans are also going to get some exciting musical material that will probably end up dropping a few days before the tour, so that we can perform it on tour… I want to go out on tour with the most exciting artists right now, and I want to make sure that I have songs with all of them. If we start getting into it and we start really vibing, maybe the last few nights, it’s a collaboration show, maybe we do all of our songs onstage together.

So with having In The Morning w/ J. Cole, Round Of Applause w/ Fozzie and Stay Schemin’ w/ French (and Rick Ross of course), that means Meek Mill and 2 Chainz are left. Shouts to MTV on the audio.