Birth Of A Nation 4*29*1992 (Short Film)

blame it on Meka April 28, 2012

April 29th, 1992. If there was anything that defined the civil unrest and despair of living in Southern California, it was punctuated by the Los Angeles Riots. A myriad of emotions were felt that day: anger from the now-infamous acquittal of the four police officers that brutalized one Rodney King, to greed from folks breaking into stores and grabbing everything within eyesight, to sadness of the lives and livelihoods lost from the subsequent violence, to humorous jealousy of me knowing that some of my classmates were running up in stores and snatching up Super Nintendos. In 1993 filmmaker Matthew McDaniel documented this in more in his award-winning film, and with the 20-year anniversary of the Riots the folks at ego trip threw this reminder of yesteryear. Check it all out down bottom.