Who Wants A Last Rights T-Shirt?

blame it on Meka May 14, 2012

The good folks at Last Right Clothing just released their Spring 2012 collection, and they’ve linked with us to give two winners a free tee from the collection. How do you win? Simple:

* Using your the Twitter account, hashtag #LastRights and reply to both myself (MekDot) and the Last Rights accounts
* Enter your full, real name and legit email in the c-section down below where applicable (not in the comment itself, unless you want some random spam bot flooding your inbox for the next 50-11 years), and write “#LastRights” and your the Twitter account name (not the entire link, just your “@Name”) as your comment

That’s not so difficult, right? I’ll pick two folks who have done both by the end of the day today as the winners. This is an all-ages, region-free contest as well, so anybody from Los Angeles to Montreal to the freaking Balkans are eligible. Good luck.

Check out the shirts down bottom.

Click to enlarge