Who Wants To See Blu & ANTHM Live in NYC?

blame it on Shake May 21, 2012

You’ve heard em on a song together, now NYC-residents will get the chance to see em rock a stage together. That’s right, on June 13th the dopehouse is bring HerFavColor and Mr. NoCosign to SOBs for a 2dope night hosted by Angela Yee. And we’ll be giving away tickets here and there leading up to showtime. For a try at the first pair of tickets all you’ve gotta do his hit Twitter with the hashtag #2DBZ and quote your favorite line from either of the two and I’ll hit the winner up from my handle sometime tomorrow. Simple enough right? Good luck!

CLOSED: Shouts to @FifthGod for taking the first pair of tickets. Quoting one of my favorite Blu lines… Naïve as the dry leaves on the ground, looking past the tree to the blue sky asking: Why me?

Have no fear though, we’ll be running a few more contests before showtime. Stay tuned.