David Banner On Sex, Drugs and Video Games (No, Not the Album)

blame it on hologram shake June 1, 2012

During a sit down with Aliya Ewing for TheWellVersed, David Banner speaks on the topics that make up his new album. From losing his virginity at the age of seven, the “war on drugs” and what his Mortal Kombat finishing move would be.

How do you feel about America’s so-called ‘War on Drugs’?
I don’t think it’s a war on drugs – it’s a war on poor people. America knows that poor people don’t have the means of transporting any real drugs. We can’t manufacture or buy guns like that; we don’t have land to grow crops on, or big laboratories. You’re trying to tell me that they don’t know the people who are really at the top of these huge cartels? They know where the drugs are really coming from. They know who really has the drugs. This is a war on poor people. We sit around like we in the Matrix. Life is a video game; and we’re being played.

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