Yelawolf Talks Joint Projects w/ Travis Barker & Big K.R.I.T.

blame it on hologram shake June 3, 2012

Although plans to start his Sophomore album Love Story have been delayed, Yela’s still been hard at work. On top of making up the shows he had to cancel after rupturing his spleen in March, he’s shot an 11-minute “horror film” for the track Growin’ Up in the Gutter and completed a 5-track EP with drummer Travis Barker entitled Psycho White. Sitting down with Billboard, Yela had the following to say.

Every time we would get in the lab we’d knock something out. We just collaborated and… had a meeting of the minds. There’s a lot of cool stuff we came up with. I don’t know Travis’ situation fully, the legals of it, whether it’s going to be free or sold or whatever. It’ll be available. As artists, hopefully we can get it on the shelves, but we’ll get it out there somehow. I’m just hyped for people to hear it.

He also gave an update on his collaborative project with Big K.R.I.T., being dubbed Country Cousins.

It’s been like a two-year thing, man; I’m busy, he’s busy, and it doesn’t get done. We know that when we get together, it can’t be half-assed. That’s my homey for life, so it could go down at any moment. There’s no definite date, no definite time. I’m such a huge fan of his. I really want to do music with him, so I know it’ll happen.

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