Oddisee’s 15 Most Essential Songs

blame it on JES7 June 23, 2012

Daniel Isenberg sat down with Oddisee and picked his brain for his top 15 favorite / essential songs which can be read entirely over at Pigeons And Planes now. On (one of my favorites) Skipping Rocks:

“Rock Creek Park is a really famous park in [the center of] Washington D.C. It was designed by the same people who designed Central Park. Of course, The Blackbyrds immortalized the park with the song ‘Rock Creek Park.’ And a lot of babies were conceived in Rock Creek Park at night.

“For me, when my parents first got divorced, I lived right off East-West Highway and Grubb Road, not too far from Rosenberg’s family’s house. We didn’t know each other back then, of course. But that’s where I went to elementary school. So I spent a lot of time riding my bike in the park as a child. My mother would pick me up on weekends, and she would take me to all the free shit in D.C. because she didn’t have a lot of money, like to museums, and she would take me riding through the park.

“One of the things we used to do was go to Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, right at the end of Rock Creek Park, and we would buy reubens and cream sodas and go eat in the park, and I would skip rocks across the creek after lunch.

“That park’s a special place for men, from [hanging out] with my mother, to taking dates to the park, to wanting driving through to avoid 16th Street to get in the city and taking the park because it was less hot [for my friends who wanted to smoke weed], to it being a way to cut through the city fast, to it being a sanctuary and a place to ride my bike and exercise by myself and clear my head. The park has grown with me. Just a couple days ago I did a 24 mile trek on my bike through the park.

“I think, a place like that, everyone’s listening to music when they’re riding through it, in their headphones, or on the radio at the cookouts. Whether we knew it or not, we were constantly providing that park with theme music. So I wanted to give it official theme music.”

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