[The Tens] 10 Hip Hop Beefs Nobody Cared About

blame it on Shake July 5, 2012

In light of Chris Brown’s recent diss track towards Drake, the good folks at TheWellVersed have taken the time to sift through the hopelessly bad battles that have occurred over the years and listed off the top (or bottom?) ten. From Jay-Z vs Hammer, Chingy vs Nelly, Bow Wow vs Soulja Boy, etc. Check the write up on Nelly vs Chingy below and head to TWV for the full shibang.

In a battle of two of the most non-rappingest rappers, the St. Louis sing songy chorus guys had a war of words over Chingy being upset that Nelly was holding him back. Yeah, right. Nelly felt like Chingy wasn’t giving Nelly his due for opening up the world to St. Louis. Nelly took a shot at Chingy on the brick of an album Sweat with the song “Another One.” Chingy went the more direct route with the equally lousy “We Got.” Too bad both careers were heading for the gutter while they were beefing or else somebody would have actually cared.

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