50 Cent Speaks On The Status Of G-Unit

blame it on Meka July 9, 2012

I’d been a fan of Curtis since the first time I heard “How To Rob” on the radio (I would only go on to hear it a total of two more times after that, but it was enough to leave an impact). I even went so far as to very. slowly get his shelved debut Power Of The Dollar off WinMX on a 56k modem late at night so my moms wouldn’t need to use the phone. Fast-forward two years later and I remember, while crammed with roughly eight other people in a two-bedroom apartment during my college days, hearing about Curtis – after being shot, dropped and left to languish in rap’s “shoulda coulda woulda” pool, and these other two guys out of New York rapping over Top 40 tracks and doing side-splitting skits insulting Ja Rule, capturing everybody’s attention in the process.

It was all good, just a week ago. Sitting down with Big Boy and the Power 106 crew in Los Angeles, Curtis pretty much says that the whole “G-Unit” ideal is on a temp-to-perm hold. It’s kinda sad, but I guess crew love isn’t for everybody. Head to miss info’s tilt to get a pretty good take on how much of an impact the OG-Unit (50, Banks and Yayo) made during their run in the Aughts courtesy of Mikey Fresh also.

Curtis’ 5: Murder By Numbers is out now.

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