Julian Malone Announces New Project, Updates 2008ighties Agenda

blame it on Uncle Shake July 9, 2012

Months removed from his 2dope/RubyHornet presented Enemy: The Time And Loves Of Malone LP, the 2008ighties member took to his Tumblr to announce his next project.

The title of the mixtape is “Diff.Rent”. The meaning is simple. Diff = Different and different is everybody, we all are different. So basically the Diff stands for me. Rent = the little elements that I borrow/rent from my inspirations, like Cudi or Ye or Calez, Fonz, Legit, John & U.G. In rap today, if you say you “different”, niggas will look down on you and look at you like you a soft or slow nigga or some off ass shit lol. Me, I just dont give a fuck. I used to care about the dumbasses who dont get it. But, not anymore. I’m just making music that feels good for me and I still think that its different and I’m not afraid to say it. Therefore, this new tape shall be called “Diff.Rent”. The cover shall be humorously epic as well.

He also gave updates on what to expect from the rest of the crew, dubbed me their honorary uncle and more. Check the full write up here.