Two-9 – Forever (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 9, 2012

Two-9 is a collective of ATLien emcees, producers and writers. They recently dropped a tape that I’m just now getting around to, and it’s not bad at all. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Boys N Girls Club f. Key!, Retro Su$h!, JesusMunchies, Wavy Wallace & Damien (prod. Key!)
2. They Love It f. Key!, Curtis Williams & Jace of Retro Su$h! (prod. Key!)
3. Stayin’ True f. Retro Su$h! & Key (prod. CEEJ of Retro Su$h!)
4. I’m Counting f. Curtis Williams & Key! (prod. Key!)
5. One Time / Paranoid f. Key!, Frankenstein & Damien (prod. Snubnose Frankenstein & Key!)
6. Ex f. FatKidsBrotha & Key! (prod. Snubnose Frankenstein)
7. Scottie 2 Hottie f. Key! & Curtis Williams (prod. Key!)
8. Sidney Poitier f. Key!, JesusMunchies, Skii, Frankenstein (prod. Key!)
9. 9 f. Key!, Curtis Williams & Alkebulan (prod. Reckless Dex)
10. Not My Nigga f. Key!, Jace of Retro Su$h! & TheCoolisMac (prod. Key!)
11. I Lie f. Key!, Jace Of Retro Su$h! & Curtis Williams (prod. Asston Kusher)
12. Work Part 2 f. Wavy Wallace, Key! & Jace of Retro Su$h! (prod. Wavy Wallace)
13. DooRag (feat. FatKidsBrotha) (Prod. By Snubnose Frankenstein)
14. Dom Perignon f. Tezo & Jace of Retro Su$h! (prod. Mitchx10)
15. This Her Jam f. MoneyMakinNique, Curtis Williams & Alkebulan (prod. Reckless Dex)
16. Mama I Been Cryin’ f. Key!, Retro Su$h! & Damien (prod. CEEJ of Retro Su$h!)
17. Shake Em Off f. Curtis Williams, Key! & Jace of Retro Su$h! (prod. Key!)
18. It Might Rain f. Damien & Key! (prod. Key!)
19. Fly Away f. Retro Su$h! & Lorine Chia (prod. CEEJ of Retro Su$h!)
20. Snooki f. FatKidsBrotha (prod. Snubnose Frankenstein)
21. Dinner Date f. Tezo & Kenn Ball (prod. TrapMoneyBenny & AllDayRecess)
22. Cousin Harold f. Ree$e Dollas, JesusMunchies & Curtis Williams (prod. Hit-Boy)

DOWNLOAD: Two-9 – Forever (Mixtape)