Shawn Chrystopher – lovestory. (Artwork)

blame it on Meka July 11, 2012

july 26th.

i’m always reluctant to use a picture of myself as the artwork to my projects/albums. just because i grew up in an era when all rappers would just use a picture of themselves and some text saying their name and call it “art”work.

when i titled this mixtape lovestory. everyone immediately thought it was going to be a bunch of songs about me talking about women. theyre not totally wrong. but not just women ive been in relationships with, but women like my mom, my sister, my female friends, teachers/professors…

but i also love my crew. my niggas thats been down for me since day one. that’s why “one of my homies” fits so well.

i tried drawing different pieces for this artwork. had my friend curtis draw some stuff too. nothing really worked.

then christian came to my crib one day. i told him how this is the year my life will change forever. and how all i want to do is change the lives of those around me. i just want to grab everyone’s hand and lead them…from one side of the street to the next. because thats where “it”s at.

so in this picture. this artwork. thats where im going.

to the other side of the street. – Shawn

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