Danny! – Dream, Interrupted (Album Re-Release/Stream)

blame it on hologram shake July 24, 2012

Now that Danny! is slowly becoming more and more recognized (finally!), he’s teamed up with PIMB to re-release an instrumental project he original dropped half a decade ago. I still have my original copy, but this is still super dope for those that are playing catch up.

Shortly after the release of Charm, an album that would go on to make the 2007 Grammy short list and expose then 23-year-old Danny Swain to the world of MTV buzz and shiny record deals, the Savannah-based hip-hop artist quietly released his first instrumental album, Dream, Interrupted. The 23-track project was released exclusively in the U.K. and became a coveted collector’s album in the U.S. after Danny won MTV’s Best Music on Campus in 2007. The award promised a record deal, an EP release, and a music video, though Danny never saw the latter two materialize.

If you don’t already have this in your possession, you can purchase now right here.