Reks & Numonics – Bang Bang f. J NiCS (Video)

blame it on Meka July 24, 2012

Reks and Numonics’ REBELutionary has finally hit stores and you can grab a copy on either iTunes or Amazon, or you can cop an autographed copy over at Gracie Productions.

The theme of “BANG BANG” is to shed light on the progression of gun violence in the U.S. The FBI, under leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, made it their mission to break up the Black Nationalist movement through their COINTELPRO program (Counter Intelligence Program, a clandestine operation used to infiltrate groups and break them up from the inside) in the 60’s/70’s. The eventual breakup of these groups, and most notably the Black Panther Party, led the way for the rise of gangs in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. What the Black Nationalist movement and gangs shared was their fraternal makeup but their core difference being that of criminality (in regards to gangs). With positive social activist groups out of the picture, many young men became affiliated with gangs instead of being able to join something that provided education and infrastructure like the Panthers.

As we entered the 1980’s, you see a rise of usage and sale of narcotics and beginning of the “War on Drugs”. This point in our history is a turning point in the story of gun violence in the United States. This time period was the heyday for Crack Cocaine and the sale of this drug was dominated by organized crime. With the territorial aspects of the gang mentality in combination with the violent nature of the cocaine trade, the U.S. saw an increase of gun violence throughout the country. These high levels of violence have more or less stayed at the same rate since the inception of the “War On Drugs”.

The statement of “BANG BANG” above everything is that the system fears education and independence. It’s been proven that the U.S. government sought to eradicate something positive for the community and replace it with poison. At the core of this all is Institutionalized Racism. The government institution’s of Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Judicial, etc. colluded to create an environment that was negative for its’ citizens. And here we are today………..BANG BANG

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