Xzibit – Napalm (Artwork x Tracklist x Trailer)

blame it on Shake August 24, 2012

Fresh of his performance in San Bernardino for Rock the Bells, Xzibit is making his return to music on October 9th with the release of his new album Napalm. Features to include Wiz Khalifa, Crooked I, Dr. Dre, David Banner, E-40, Bishop Lamont, Game and more. Check out the cover art up top, the tracklisting and first trailer down bottom.

01 State of Hip-Hop Vs. Xzibit (Prod. By Beat Butcher)
02 Everything (Prod. By Rick Rock)
03 Dos Equise f. RBK & The Game
04 Something More f. Prodigy
05 Gangsta Gangsta (Prod. By DJ Chill)
06 Forever A G f. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By E. Dan)
07 1983 Ft. Trena Joiner (Xzibit’s Mom) (Prod. By Insane Wayne)
08 Stand Tall f. Slim Da Mobster (Prod. By S1)
09 Spread It Our (Prod. By 21)
10 Up Out The Way f. E-40 (Prod. By Rick Rock)
11 Napalm (Prod. By 1500 Or Nothin’) (Drums By Travis Barker, Scratches By Sid of Slipknot)
12 Meaning Of Life f. Ret Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris (U.S. Army)
13 Louis XIII f. King T & Tha Alkaholiks (Prod. By Dr. Dre)
14 Enjoy The Night f. David Banner, Wiz Khalifa & Brevi (Prod. By David Banner)
15 Movie f. Crooked I, Slim The Mobster & Game (Prod By Akon)
16 I Came to Kill (Prod. By Illmind)
17 Killer’s Remorse f. Bishop Lamont, B-Real & Demrick (Prod. By Focus)

Directed by Matt Alonzo.


    cmon X, bring back that restless LP flow. that mean west coast rap.

  • I’m lookin @ tracks 15 & 17…

  • who cares

    I’m sorry Shake but you’re late as fuck with the cover and tracklist. Xzibit posted that shit on his Twitter like a month ago.
    OT: I’m excited as fuck for this album. Wish it wasn’t cluttered with guest artists though. With that said the only guest I’m not happy about is Wiz, and what’s worse is his dumbass is on here twice.

  • kortdogg

    track 13 is going to be incredible

  • This should be a pretty good album.

  • dev

    I was reading this tracklist thinking “man, this shit better not have Wiz Khalifa on it.” sure enough his ass is on there

  • t

    wu block same day

  • bigErn

    After his frankie ocean comment I lost whatever respect I had for him

  • Juanka

    Track 13!! And I mean it cuz of that Likwit Crew!

  • Mike

    The album looks like it’s gonna be interesting hopefully Xzibit can come correct like his first album. #NAPALM

  • marshall

    NO EMINEM ????!!!!!?????? WTF!!??

  • lol

    @marshall – gtfo. If Em was on here he would just fuck it up, just like he has with every verse these past two years

  • damn man…not the wiz khalifa feature smh

  • GeeZuP

    Yo X is dat dude Im sure he’s gonna come correct on this shit and give us a banger

  • Louis XIII looks pretty intriguing – I loved Restless and some of his real early works, it would be nice to have X back in the game if he puts his heart into it.

  • Yep

    After that bs on twitter this dude gets no respect as an individual. That just showed his ignorance. With that being said, there is no profit in a mixtape but publicity, and everyone knows dude had enough of that after his ridiculous run with Pimp My Ride on mtv. So ill probably give him a chance as a rapper, because of his past, and listen to a couple tracks.

  • joshestes

    all the new shit he performed at RTB sounded real dope. excited for the album

  • Kuruption

    Only think missing is a Snoop/Kurupt appearance

  • gew

    @zeedub cant stand faggots like you. 17 tracks and all you wanna care about is him featuring one artist you dont like. youre a fucking faggot. this nigga is not ur boyfriend. he doesnt have to like and dislike everything u like and dislike.

    you probably didnt even read the tracklist. the first things you probably did was go down the list of features to see if lil wayne rick ross wiz khalifa or drake were there. this is why hip hop is supposedly dead. cause faggots like you dont even listen to music. youre always on some political bullshit. youll probably say the whole album sucks cause of that one wiz feature. smh hipster faggot

  • you

    X to the Z one of the dopest from the West. Dude has never put out a weak album, seriously. Multiple classics.

  • you

    King T and Alkaholiks featuring, and production by Dre.. Sick

  • TheTruthIs

    X has always been underated as a dope rapper.

  • WR

    40 dayz & 40 nightz and at the speed of life still get played on the regular, XZ is a bulldog. good to see some new stuff.

  • bb

    right now bumping x to the z’s greatest hits and this album announcement sure made my morning cannot wait for this to drop his last album was dope as hell remember bumping it back in college and throwing the songs on my college radio station