What Is DJ Khaled’s Real Role?

blame it on JES7 August 25, 2012

For years now, the question posed in the title has been asked over and over, and rightfully so. We all know Khaled and his infamous adlibs, his keen ability for gathering a medley of his favorite artists for posse cuts, and marketing himself by attaching his name to some of the biggest commercial hits, but really, what is the exact role he plays in Hip-Hop? Well, Complex sat down with Khaled to inquire within.

Khaled gets to talking about conceptualizing records with Ross. “I’m coaching. Him and me talk about what we’d like to do. Then he goes and writes the most phenomenal shit ever. But you have to understand, I give him the biggest speech ever before I give him the record. And I always have a hook on the record already, so when guys hear it they’re like, ‘Wow.’” It’s just a vibe. But if I’m in the studio with Ross, I never have a problem with his verses.”

See, Khaled’s not just some loudmouth yapping over the hottest record in the club. He’s the reason the record exists. If music were sports, he’d be a general manager, coach, and player all in one.

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