Chino XL – RICANstruction: The Black Rosary (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake August 29, 2012

After a six year hiatus, Chino XL is finally returning to the rap game with the release of RICANstruction: The Black Rosary on September 25th. A two-disc album with features from Tech N9ne, Big Pun (unreleased verse), Immortal Technique, Sick Jacken, Travis Barker, Horseshoe Gang, Rakaa Iriscience, Roc Marciano and more. Check a piece of the press release below and hit the jump for the tracklisting.

Those lucky enough to be artistes have a unique forum for exorcising their demons: demons many of us can also relate to and for Chino, “RICANstruction: The Black Rosary” is most certainly an exorcism. On the 35-track set he tackles difficult subjects such as the abuse he suffered as a child, his resulting fractured personal relationships, his own daughter’s battle with cancer and a past suicide attempt, amongst other things. While crafting these emotionally draining songs, Chino realized that he was helping himself and others by recording them. “It’s a complete unbottling of a lot of stuff, things that I probably had suppressed,” he explains. “The human psyche has the ability and the power to do that in order to keep it functioning. I felt that it was time to let most of it out so I could move on and get past some of those issues. Whilst on tour last year, I realized how many people I connected to when I expressed a lot of those more painful, emotional songs. It seemed like a lot of folks really needed to hear them. I can learn from that to help them relate so they can also get past what they had going on. I realized that’s part of my journey.”

01 Rain (Interlude)
02 Father’s Day
03 Eight Beginnings f. Mystic
04 Have 2
05 It’s Not Too L8te
06 Wicked Church
07 Silent Art Child
08 Broken Halo
09 Anything
10 Hell’s Song f. Tech N9ne
11 Bad Man Bible
12 Mama Told Me
13 Afraid Of Nothing
14 Can Be
15 Arm Yourself f. Sick Jacken, Immortal Technique & DV Alias Khrist
16 No Damn Good For Me (Scarlet Intro)
17 Sleep In Scarlet
18 Nahh
19 Eye
20 Reguarding Elizbeth (Save Me) f. Travis Barker

21 Black Rosary 8am
22 Closer to God
23 Little Man
24 Figure It Out
25 Xross Your Heart
26 Buried In Vocabulary f. Horseshoe Gang
27 Missing You 8pm (Interlude)
28 Crazy Love
29 Take It Back f. Rakka Iriscience & Roc Marciano
30 N.I.C.E.
31 Kings f. Big Pun
32 90 Bars of Intervention
33 The Hype Man (Interlude)
34 Latino’s Stand Up f. Sick Jacken, B Real, Thirsten Howl III, Sinful & Kid Frost
35 Gone

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