A (2)Dope Contest: MUSCLE MUSIC w/ Donwill of Tanya Morgan

blame it on Meka August 31, 2012

After Don showed me yesterday’s RAoF entry, he joked about making a beat and using it as an actual song. Well…

I don’t remember the exact conversation but somewhere between email or text while me and Meka were laughing at this video I kinda said “challenge the producers that hit up your site to make a beat with this shit and ill judge the submissions. Hell I’ll rap over the winning beat.” And Meka being the champion of fuckery that he is was like “ok”. Which brings us here today.

It’s simple, y’all submit beats made with the sounds on this video, we judge the entries and announce the winner via podcast and I’ll make a rap song out of that one. I’m sure Meka will have a wonderful time sliding it in his set between “Crispy Chicken” by Mary J Blige and any number of the Lil B songs he has on deck.

Who’s in?

PS – if you niggas could see the other conversations me and this guy have… son…. EPIC.

All aspiring fooligans, you can wither leave your concoction in the c-section (don’t worry if it gets “moderated,” I’ll still be able to see them) or hit the Twitters of either myself or Donwill by no later than and next Friday, September 7th. I can’t wait to hear this shit…