Gudtyme Presents: Lunchroom Battles (Desperately Seeking Vanessa) (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka September 11, 2012

Take a trip through memory lane with this compilation done by Gudtyume

One of the earliest and fondest memories that I have of hip hop is going on a school trip in junior high 145. We went to the Hayden planetarium as most schools did to enlighten the urban youth. Along with a roast beef hero that I had for lunch. I had a fresh pair of AA eveready batteries in my Sony Walkman; and a new cassette tape with Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew Live in Linden Projects. They were doing this rap routine that turned into their classic songs “The Show” and ” La Di Da Di”. This tape was special to me; Because it was one of the few tapes circulating that included the explicit version of the Vanessa Williams verse by Slick Rick. This was after she had nude photos of her posted in Hustler after winning Miss America. As a young pubescent noob anything porn related was golden; I couldn’t get my hands on the mag to see the pictures, I had to settle on hearing Slick talk about Vanessa using her “smarts” him had me captivated. This version never made it too commercial radio neddless to say. And as that which happens to all treasured cassette tapes at that time my shit got stolen. I have tried to be aware of when I had a classic piece of music or freestyle that needed to be dead stocked and I have been “Desperately seeking Vanessa” ever since I lost that tape.

So then the damnedest thing happened Al Gore invented the Internet and George Bush invented the “INTERNETS” and said Internets slowly but surely rewarded my endless searches with musical manna to slowly be digested, consider this fiber and proteins since hip hop currently lacks the minerals and vitamins *O.C Voice*.

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