• DaveG

    This is gonna be a great project. Perfect timing. The Greatest Story Never Told was five years late but RIGHT ON TIME! This will be great. Get it Saigon!



  • Chris

    Why do rappers always gotta over do their album titles and shit, I mean I'm a big Saigon fan/supporter but these rappers need to stop coming up with corny overdone album titles with all the acronyms and shit

  • Chris

    On another note the album should be dope nonetheless.

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    @Chris youre retarded. there's nothing overdone about this title. google "bread & circuses" & youll understand the meaning behind this and the album cover.

  • j

    saigon needs to get more promo done this time, last one was heavily slept on


    I wish he would drop the GSNT2 part.

  • Notadick

    Dope, but I agree with @LBDII, should've just called it Bread & Circuses

  • egyle

    he looks like michael from the wire on the cover. just sayin.