Advertorial: Braun cruZer Face

blame it on Site Support September 18, 2012

Let’s keep it real: women love facial hair. It makes you, the Internet peruser, look like you’re more rugged than you actually are (thugs don’t visit blogs). And since you obviously can’t afford to keep Ibn Jasper on call (you’re reading this instead of working, what did you actually think?) grab a Braun cruZer Face thingamabob to maintain your look. An all-in-one shaver, styler and trimmer, you can finally toss out that rusty set of clippers collecting dust next to your CDs you never listen to, and stop having to hit Paco for a lopsided shape-up every week at the barber shop that you wait hours on end for.

Click here for more information on the Braun cruZer Face. When it comes to your beard, you cannot afford to be caught off guard.