So, This Is Why Hip Hop Can’t Have Nice Things…

blame it on Meka September 30, 2012

This video – courtesy of TMZ – is apparently the “controversial” madness that went down between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross’ respective camps at this year’s Source Awards Fish Fry BET Hip Hop Awards yesterday. We can go on and on about the two of them sending not-so-subliminals at each other in songs, videos, photoshoots, interviews, barbershop jibba jabba and the like, but the fact of the matter is that two grown men relatively deep into their thirties whose pockets are relatively dense thanks to a successful career in a musical genre that’s difficult to make a decent living in, and thus should not even care what the next man says about them, instead head to an event that is supposed to celebrate their accomplishments and decide to settle their issues WWF-style. Gotta love it.

As a side note, do you know that we actually had seats at the awards because we got nominated? I would have loved to see the feminine, thick-bodied seat filler that took my place.