Events: The DopeHouse vs. A3C

blame it on Meka October 3, 2012

18+ to enter, 21+ to drink

Keeping it real: Shake and I hate putting together showcases. They’re a lot of work, you have to deal with numerous personalities and monkey wrenches almost always get thrown into the mix. We’d much rather pack a bunch of folks into a venue with a bar, spin some tunes and let life (and alcohol) determine the outcome. Hence, The DopeHouse.

Well, The DopeHouse will land at A3C in Atlanta next Friday (October 12th), and you already know what to expect: a free-entry free-for-all where no musical genre is off limits. If you’ve attended the inaugural event in Texas or last week’s DopeHouse Cinemas, you’ll know that it’s nothing but the finest in ignorant tunes, drunken sing-along anthems and the like. I’m bringing a couple friends over from Toronto as well – dopehouse mainstay and your host Blake Carrington, and 5x Stylus Award-winning DJ Lissa Monet – to help out with the proceedings.

So when you’re done seeing some of your favorite acts get their rap on next week, hit The Soundtable and prepare to take off your cool. See you all there.