Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ The Heist Debuts at #2 on Billboard

blame it on Shake October 17, 2012

While the final final numbers won’t be in til tomorrow, HDD is reporting that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sold 74k 78k copies of The Heist and are taking the #2 spot on Billboard this week. Being up against a tough act to beat in Mumford & Sons (whose album Babel is super dope as well), the Seattle duo should be damn proud of their placement. Remember, these guys are doing it on their own w/ no major backing. Something that is always great to see. Congrats fellas, y’all deserve it. UPDATE: Final numbers are in. Add another 4k to the estimate for a grand total of 78k. Mack also took to Facebook to thank the fans.

The fact that a small group people recording, mixing, editing videos and shipping albums from a 500 sq foot room can push 78,000 their first week is a testament to the fans. They are the ones that pushed this album, spread the word, and brought so much attention to what we do.

The music industry is coming to a point where what big companies have on their agenda can’t compete with what the people want. You guys who supported this album made it #2 on the Billboard charts. No big budget, no cosigns, no radio department. Just people that connect and care about the art enough to buy it, stand behind it and spread it amongst friends and family. 78,000 sold independently. I could have never dreamed this. Thank you all. #sharkfacegang

Oh and speaking of major label debuts, Machine Gun Kelly took the 4th spot with 51k in sales for Lace Up.