Skyzoo Talks A Dream Deferred, Meeting Chi Ali & Dreams vs. Reality

blame it on Meka October 29, 2012

Speaking to The Well Versed, SKy To The spoke on meeting Chi-Ali, his relationship with Spike Lee and breaks down A Dream Deferred

On meeting (and subsequently working with) Chi-Ali…
It was the highlight of my career, and I’ve had a lot. I was able to say that it all came full circle for me. I don’t know how much it may mean to other people and that’s okay, it doesn’t have to mean anything to other people, but to me it meant something. I told my mother and even she had to chuckle at it because she knew when I was 5 years old I looked at the TV and said “Ma, I want to be [Chi-Ali].”

I remember telling my mother when I was younger “I gotta go to Nobody Beats The Wiz, I gotta go to Nobody Beats The Wiz.” Nobody Beats The Wiz was a spot in Brooklyn that you would go to and buy tapes. They had a 99 cent section, so my mother would be like go to that section and get your tapes. She wouldn’t let me get the 4 or 5 dollar joints [laughs], so she would say if I see something in the 99 cent section then get it. There I would pick up Chi-Ali or Da Youngstas or something. It was so many tapes I would pick up, and my mother was there for all of that. When I spoke to Chi, The first thing I did was thank him. I told him that “You don’t know it, but my life could of went a lot of different ways and it didn’t because of you”.

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