RZA On the Challenges of Directiong a Movie vs. Producing an Album (Video)

blame it on Shake November 5, 2012

Shot by Shake, Tnel Moniq & ChristianFGY.

In the second part of 2DopeBoyz and TheWellVersed‘s sitdown with RZA, we ask him about the differences and difficulty of producing vs. directing.

“The bigger task is directing,” RZA says from his couch nestled at Eli Roth’s Goretorium haunted house in Las Vegas. “Producing, of course, is a hard task. But you’re talking to a man that produced dozens of albums. Directing is producing to the 10th power.”

Citing the amount of people involved in the process of directing as opposed to being more or less the only man concocting beats, RZA says that the challenge can be quite overwhelming. However, the higher ups at Universal, Strike Entertainment and Arcade Pictures allowed RZA to do his thing without too much interference.

“I was able to do this as a dictator in a way,” RZA says. “I had advisors, but I was a dictator. They trusted me to bring back the goods. So I had to bring back the goods.”

As many (and hopefully all) of you know, RZA’s directional debut with his first feature film “The Man With The Iron Fists” which is in theaters now! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check part one of our 2dope conversation where RZA speaks on sampling Kung Fu flicks for movies and the difference between “biting” and “influence.”