KiD CuDi Unimpressed With Label Support, Rants On Twitter

blame it on Shake January 8, 2013

Like he’s done in the past, KiD CuDi recently took to his Twitter page to get some things off his chest. This time, the rants revolves around the lack of support from Universal Republic on his latest singles “King Wizard” and “Just What I Am”.

King Wizard 3.4 million views on Vevo, Just What I Am has 4.3 million and my shit is not on regular rotation on radio. Hmmm. Trinidad James got 4.1 million views on his hit (rightfully so), and I hear that jam EVERYWHERE. Wheres my fuckin spins??? Im talkin numbers. Im talkin stats. To my label, I swear to all that is fuckin holy in this world, if things dont change soon, theres gonna be some problems. I worked too hard on all this shit. Producing, writing, directing AND executing the shit proper. I did my part, I put in work. Wtf. Yall kno I cuts no slack. Not w my music. Every song is my life. A piece of my fuckin tormented soul. It matters to me. I give a fuck. Done goin off and snappin my head side to side.

Do y’all think CuDi has a point? I personally don’t see either of the joints as “radio” or “club” tracks, but I like them both. So…