Andre 3000: “These Are Not Outkast Collaborations”

blame it on Shake January 15, 2013

Back in July, Big Boi revealed that it was Andre 3000 that “blocked” him from being on Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” because he didn’t want an official Outkast reunion on someone else’s LP (which is understandable). Fast forward to last week and Big Boi went ahead and hit us with an unofficial remix. Talking to SPIN, 3 Stacks made it his point to state that neither the “Pink Matter (rmx)” as well as the upcoming “I’m Sorry (rmx)” are official Outkast collaborations.

It’s important for me to be clear about the origins of my contributions to ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Sorry.’

I was approached as a solo artist by both Frank Ocean & Tip. I discussed musical direction with each artist and completed my verses. It was after that when Big Boi’s name came up.

I never want to mislead our audience – I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations. These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed. That is why I was surprised to read about these remixes.

I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is… and what it isn’t.

This is pretty much common knowledge, but like I said on Instsagram… even if it’s unofficial, it still brought a smile to my face to hear these two on the same record again.