Spit Gemz – Fvck the Radio, End the TV (Artwork & Tracklist)

blame it on JES7 February 2, 2013

The homie Spit Gemz is all set to release his debut album, dubbed Fvck the Radio, End the TV on the 25th Feb, after releasing a slew of mixtapes over the years. The album will feature appearances by Vinnie Paz, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Shabbam Sahdeeq, AG Da Coroner, Meyhem Lauren, Eff Yoo, Starvin B and more. Peep the first leak, Live from the Bottom and tracklist down bottom.

01. Fvck the Radio (prod. Tre Eight Special)
02. Tell-Tale Heart f. Spent D’Nero (prod. Tre Eight Special)
03. Live From the Bottom (prod. One-Take)
04. Graffiti Everywhere (prod. Ghetto Blaster)
05. Rugcutter f. Nems Guttah (prod. Vic Grimes)
06. Energon f. Shabbam Sahdeeq (prod. JM Productions)
07. Destro (prod. Don Producci)
08. Crimson Guard f. G.S. Advance & Eff Yoo (prod. One-Take)
09. Tabernacles f. Starvin B & Novia (prod. Gutter Trash)
10. Certain Delegates (prod. One-Take)
11. Hersey Hawkins f. Starvin B & Flushin’ Tek (prod One-Take)
12. Max Cohen (prod. One-Take)
13. Ninja Vanish f. Aye Wun (prod. One-Take)
14. Homemade Hot Sauce f. Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Meyhem Lauren (prod. Ligalize)
15. Ravenous (prod. George Black)
16. Season of the Witch f. Spent D’Nero (prod. One-Take)
17. The Devils Rejects f. AG Da Coroner & Eff Yoo
18. Cookie Monstah f. Tek Bully (prod. DJ Cause)
19. Invisible Chess f. Vinnie Paz (prod. One-Take)
20. Cost of Sanity (prod. One-Take)