2DBZxSXSW: The Dopehouse, Part Deux

blame it on Meka March 1, 2013

Last year’s edition was fun. It was simple, really: we didn’t want to throw a “showcase,” so instead we rounded up a couple of friends, shoved them all into a tiny loft and spun music all night, nearly crashing through the floor in the process. So, why not pull it off again for the 2013 edition of SXSW? And how do we make it even better?

By upgrading the formula, and making the Dopehouse a day party x rave.

The 2013 edition of the Dopehouse will once again be a place where you can get hammered and drunkenly sing along to “No Hands” and other (probably ignorant and quite possibly detrimental to society-laden) tunes while some random-ass chick you just met at one of those free showcases earlier in the week grinds feverishly on your pelvis… except this time it will be in the middle of the day, in a much larger (read: much larger) venue and with more special guests, with a couple of performances thrown into the mix to boot. Why throw a party in the middle of the day? Why not?

Sounds good? Good.

Friday, March 15th is the date. Full details to come next week.