DJ Daddy Dog – Notorious B.I.G. Video Mix (Video)

blame it on JES7 March 9, 2013

The 5th Platoon’s DJ Daddy Dog did this video mix tribute a couple of years back, so yeah, mad late-pass. But there are those who’ve never seen this, present party included, so here I am sharing it years later. Tracklist after the break.

Biggie was undeniably one of the best emcees of our time. It’s only natural to honor him. Lots of djs are paying respect by creating Biggie sets or tribute mixes today but I’ll do it differently and visually. I’m mixing audio & video with a sprinkle of slicing & dicing to pay homage to the “illest…representing BK to the fullest.” This 30 minute video mix is actually a portion of a mixed DVD series I worked on with another dj but someone got real greedy. I hope you take the time to appreciate his musical genius. By the way, I had some help from Jay & Nas to speak about their lyrical brother. R.I.P. B.I.G.

01. Dirt Off Your Shoulder (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
02. What More Can I Say (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
03. Spit Ya Game
04. Just A Moment
05. Angels
06. Where I’m From
07. Got Yourself A Gun (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
08. Warning
09. Who Shot Ya
10. Unbelievable
11. Victory
12. Hypnotize (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
13. 10 Crack Commandments (VJ EDDIE EYE)
14. Big Poppa (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
15. Change Clothes (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
16. Nasty Girl (DJ DADDY DOG Remix)
17. Juicy
18. We Always Love Big Poppa