Stevie Crooks – Le Champagne

blame it on Meka March 28, 2013

“Le Champagne” is a vivid narration through the eyes of a very conscience Stevie Crooks, being observant to what occurs inside the scene with gold diggers and the men who feed their thirst every night. The first verse explains what the girl sees as an opening or chance to feed her appetite for vanity. Feeling as though he’s out of place, he wants to leave but as the song continues and the beat rises, Crooks feels compelled to join the crowd and dance along. As the second verse starts, you realize Crooks is sitting down observing beautiful women lower their values for a shot to be chosen in the litter of busy bodies for VIP and a shopping spree the next morning. Aware of this he sits solo as others around him take advantage but instead of pouring his bottle on a girl he drinks the bottle alone.

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