Quasimoto (Madlib) – Planned Attack

blame it on Shake April 24, 2013

Yes! Now that I’ve got my excitement out of the way, Stones Throw just announced that Madlib is releasing another Quasimoto album in the near future. How near you ask? June 18th, we will be able to press play on Yessir Whatever. A 12-track album that Madlib recorded over a roughly 12-year period. For those unaware of Lord Quas, I’ve included some background information after the jump. And for those already in tune, check the album’s first leak below!

Quasimoto first came to life on Madlib’s personal beat tapes in the producer’s early years in Oxnard CA – private music, not meant for release, made for himself and a small circle of local smokers and their car stereos.

By the time of Quasimoto’s debut The Unseen, most had caught on to the fact that Madlib and Quasimoto were one in the same. The MC as artistic alter ego, like a talking dummy from surreal rap vaudeville. Quasimoto is usually the “bad character,” doing and saying what the producer doesn’t, with Madlib along side as a noncommittal collaborator. The Unseen (Stones Throw, 2000) was among the new decade’s first sleeper hits, ranking on Spin’s year end list at a time when the producer and label were unknown outside hip-hop DJ circles.

After a subsequent journey through jazz production and now-legendary collaborations with MF DOOM & J Dilla, Madlib called on Quasimoto again for The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. The album played something like a smoked-out comedy/crime Blaxploitation flick, and continued to build Madlib’s reputation as one of the most creative and fearlessly skewed creators in hip-hop.