Lauryn Hill Heads To Prison, While Ja Rule Gets Out

blame it on Meka May 7, 2013

How’s that for a slick twist of irony, “stuck in the 90s”-era hip hop fans?

Despite signing a new deal with Sony, dropping a song that sounds like Rick Ross had his way with a schizophrenic Red Fraggle after he slipped a molly, mickey and a roofie in her champagne, and paying nearly $1,000,000 in back taxes, the once-prolific Lauryn Hill is headed to the bing on July 8th (and has an added three months of house arrest thrown in the mix for good measure) for failing to do what every American who earns a paycheck has to do every single year (and instead claiming in some non-sensical logic that quasi-reeked of “holier-than-thou” arrogance) that she didn’t have to because of the one-armed man or something, the icing on the cake of this rather depressing fall from grace for one of urban music’s most beloved figures.

Then, seemingly to twist the knife further into the backs of every Rawkus Records-loving, J Dilla faithful who fell in love with hip hop’s neo-renaissance period during the late nineties/early Aughts, the guy who once boldly proclaimed on radio that he was the reincarnation of 2Pac, did a terrible remake of Grease and had a music video with Pauly Shore got sprung from the pokey this morning…

Yes, that guy in that YouTube up there – sometimes known as L.O.K.I. – was cut loose this morning from New York’s Mid-State Correctional Facility after serving nearly two years on weapons and tax evasion charges. Fellow Queens native N.O.R.E. took to the Twitter to announce the news.

If that’s not a sign that the good ol’ days of that “boom-bap, ‘real’ hip hop” from well over 20 years ago is over (aside from the fact that, you know it’s been well over 20 years) for you hardcore stalwarts, I have a copy of Masters Of The Universe that holds the key to immortality and the recipe for making the perfect Nutcracker that you may be interested in.