Kanye West’s Yeezus Listening Session In New York (Video)

blame it on Meka June 11, 2013

It’s nearly three in the morning on my side of the world (yes, I do tend to pull 14-plus hour work days at times), so I’ll just let Mikey – who I’ve graciously swacked this clip from – give you his firsthand experience of what happened…

Hearing “New Slaves” in pitch darkness amplified the beat’s catchiness and equalized all the celebs in the house with the journos, the giraffe-like models, the label honchos, the fashionistas, the DONDA crew, and all the fellow artists (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Q-Tip, Timbo, Joell Ortiz, Busta, and more).

Without over-analyzing the songs, the music was right at home in tonight’s post-internet Warhol Gif Factory atmosphere. Frenetic electro beats, mash-up culture references, and digitized choruses. Also, it just seemed like Kanye was in a happy place and maybe he truly feels as free from traditional industry pressure as he says in his recent #kanyerants.

June 18th, mudda-suckas.

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