2013 Master Of The Mix Champion: DJ JayCeeOh (Video)

blame it on Meka June 12, 2013

Back in April, thousands of DJs auditioned for one of 12 spots to compete on VH1’s “Master of the Mix.” As June began, that number had shrunk to 3: DJ Jayceeoh, DJ Incrediboi and DJ Chris Karns. In the end, Jayceeoh proved himself to be the truest talent on the turntables, and was crowned the third ever Master of the Mix. Not only does that honor give him some big bragging rights, but also a big ass check, in the amount of $250,000. Things are certainly looking up for this 30-year-old LA native, and he sat down with Complex to offer some thoughts on his big victory.

So, Jayceeoh. You beat out the competition and have won the crown of Master of the Mix. How does it feel?

It feels amazing. It is without a doubt the biggest achievement in my life and my entire career. I can’t wait to take everything to the next level!

What compelled you to compete on the show in the first place?

The chance to win a quarter of a million dollars and the opportunity to show the world my passion for deejaying.

How do you think you were able to win?

I think I was able to win because I was the most versatile of all the DJ’s and I stayed consistent throughout the competition. I never let the pressure get to me and remained calm, cool and collected.

What does it take to be an elite DJ and rise above the rest?

You have to stick to your guns and always try and be innovative and creative.

On a similar note, what sets you apart from other DJs in the industry?

The fact that I can integrate so many different styles and types of music seamlessly within my sets. No one else out there is doing that like I can.

Which 3 or 4 songs would you say were the real benchmarks of your journey on Master of the Mix?

“Started from the Bottom” (Drake), “The Champ is Here” (Jadakiss) and “I Can’t Stop” (Flux Pavillion)

What was the biggest challenge for you on the show?

The biggest challenge overall was coming up with creative ideas for each challenge, day in-and day out, with very little sleep or time to prepare, and lots of pressure.

Who do you think your biggest competitor was on the show? Anybody who you felt always kept you on your toes and on point?

Chris Karns for sure was my biggest competition throughout. The dude is talented and I always knew we would be going head to head. Chris was a DMC World Champion and is a very fierce competitor.

Now that you’ve vanquished them all, do you think you’ll stay in touch with the other DJs from the show?

I definitely will. There were a lot of good people in the cast that I’ll stay close with, and I know that we will continue to work together after the show.

Any regrets from your time and/or performances on the show?

I feel like on the Bio challenge and the Miami challenge I could have put forth a little more effort. I got too comfortable and lazy in my sets when I should have been on my toes to perform to the best of my ability. But no regrets on my end. I’m very glad to be a part of the show and very grateful for this opportunity from SMIRNOFF and VH1.

Do you think being on the Master of the Mix has changed you as a DJ?

It hasn’t changed my style but it definitely helped sharpen some of my skills. Overall, it was a great experience and definitely helped freshen up my skills.

How excited were you about Smirnoff’s involvement in the show this season?

I was very excited to have SMIRNOFF onboard for the show. SMIRNOFF has done an incredible job giving DJs the opportunity to showcase our craft to the world by creating a reality competition just for DJs. No one else is doing that in the game right now. SMIRNOFF is a very inventive brand so it was pretty dope for them to create a show that collaborates with DJs as we are a key part of nightlife culture and really get the party started.

How did your fans react to your win?

The fan reaction has been ecstatic. All of my fans that have been following me for years felt that I really deserved this exposure and title. Overall, everyone has been really happy for me and the love has been amazing.

As a result of winning, you now have a quarter of a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket. What do you plan to do with all those ducats?

Invest it and save it. I honestly want to spend my money wisely. I’ll probably splurge for 1 or 2 toys or get a nice car—I’m thinking a Range Rover—and also upgrade my studio.

What did you learn from your time on Master of the Mix, be it about yourself, the DJ game or life itself?

I’ve learned that if I set my mind to any goal and stay focused I can accomplish anything.

So, what’s next for you?

Touring the world and focusing on production to make myself more than a just a great party DJ. I want to be known as an artist and producer and make hit records with today’s hottest artists. Right in the pipeline, I have a lot of shows coming up, and will be making moves throughout the U.S. I have a string of tour dates in Florida later this month, which will be my first official gigs as SMIRNOFF’s official DJ. We will be hitting Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami for SMIRNOFF’s Florida Fresh Mix Tour—should be dope!