The Evolution of MF DOOM

blame it on Shake June 14, 2013

The good people at Noisey recently put up an incredible and in-depth feature combing through the history of one of hip hop music’s most mysterious minds, MF DOOM (or… DOOM). Take a look at the intro below and following the link to the full article.

MF DOOM is the most inimitable figure in hip-hop. As prolific as he is elusive, London-born and New York-bred Daniel Dumile owned artist anonymity long before SBTRKT donned his feathers and Daft Punk were still wearing bags on their heads. From behind the privacy of a metal mask, DOOM has painstakingly crafted a world of his own that’s invited a cult following of fans like no other rap artist. It’s a world drenched in sci-fi and comic book references, built through multiple personas, inseparable visuals and, of course, laboriously constructed bodies of music. Whether it be a concept album or left-field collaborations DOOM’s world is one of a kind.

Now with a new premiere on the horizon we look at the milestones in the many chapters of DOOM.

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