Kanye West: The Yeezus Sessions

blame it on Meka June 25, 2013

Pitchfork sat down with some of the contributors to Kanye’s latest album, including Hudson Mohawke, Justin Vernon, Travi$ Scott, Mike Dean and more to speak on the making of the entire album.

Justin Vernon: I assumed that he was gonna do the maximalist thing again with this album, but it’s more like: “Boom! We just made a song, and it bangs, so fuck you.” It’s such an awesome contrast.

Mike Dean: For Twisted Fantasy, I probably spent 180 days in the studio. For this album, I only spent 30 or 40.

Anthony Kilhoffer: It was probably the fastest record we ever made. And instead of doing 30 songs altogether, we only did 20. Still, we would explore all kinds of options: different tempos or drums, whether a song should be synth-based on real-instrument based. A lot of younger producers just get a beat, put a rap on it, and that’s the song. There’s no dissecting, or recreating, or considering the relevance in contemporary music.

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