Bad Lucc – Sumthin’s Missin’ (Video)

blame it on Meka July 9, 2013

Courtesy of director Topshelf Junior…

When I first heard the record and decided to write the treatment, I felt like Something’s Missing was about documenting what’s going on currently with our culture. Hip-Hop culture that is. We have good times, bad times, sober times, drinking and drug times, happy times, sad times, chill times, crazy times. It’s about filling a void, but really it’s about bringing things back to the essence. It’s about Bad Lucc being one of many people that represent Hip-Hop to the fullest and a person that’s going to help bring things back to the core. Hip-Hop used to be so much more. A true culture with people, elements, and locations that really represented it. That’s almost gone now, but he’s here to keep it alive. A lot of things have changed, but there’s still hope. That was a main goal and purpose for this visual. The real remains. The woman in the piece represents Hip-Hop itself. Still one of a kind, still very beautiful…but you can tell she’s gone thru a lot…she doesn’t have much left. Reminiscing on things in her motel room, thoughts, a diary, old records, tapes, alcohol, weed, even nostalgic pictures… she remembers and goes thru it all but can only take so much. So she takes to the streets… searching for hip-hop. At the end of the day, he’s still here. He is, Hip-Hop. Enjoy.

Lucc’s Meet The Writer will drop soon.

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