Chance The Rapper Takes Over Sacramento (Pics)

blame it on Miss_Peas August 5, 2013

Photos by ThatRapDude/CarlosShoots.

A day fresh off his Lollapalooza festival set, Chicago’s Chance the Rapper hit Sacramento for the first time ever to find a sold-out crowd out to support the rising star. After the MC announced Chance’s arrival, he ran out on stage to greet his audience to “Good Ass Intro” from his Acid Rap project. If you haven’t seen Chance the Rapper perform live yet, he has an eccentric stage presence that you can’t take your eyes off of. The 20-year-old bundle of energy gave fans such a great performance, from juking, dancing with his DJ during his show to his overall antics, the audience demanded an encore and was left chanting “We want Chance!” by the show’s end.

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