Random Fact: Casey Veggies’ Father Was Jay-Z’s Bodyguard

blame it on Shake August 10, 2013

I’ve always got a kick out of learning random tidbits about artists I listen to — one of the reasons why I always find time to check out whatever Nardwuar’s crazy ass is up to — and figured some of y’all do to. Now will the above headline change your life? Absolutely not, but it’s kind of cool to think thirteen years before he signed to Roc Nation for management, Casey Veggies already had ties to Jay-Z.

When asked by The Hundreds if it had anything to do with his aspirations to become a rapper, Casey said no. Citing little brother ‘Ye as more of an inspiration.

It was something that he didn’t really tell me ’til later on down the line. I didn’t really know it ’til maybe around the same time he realized I was trying to get into it, when I was about 12. He began to tell me stories and what he was into when I was about 7 or 8, and when I was 7 this was what he was doing. And I wasn’t even aware of what was going on. And I wasn’t even aware of Jay-Z and stuff like that. But he showed me the “Girls, Girls, Girls” video and he was in the back. When Jay-Z walked off in like the director’s cut, he was in the back on the set. My dad was one of the guys walking behind him, one of the security guards that followed him out. So it definitely didn’t play that big of a part, because I kind of got inspired more by Kanye and the new generation, and my life was just inspiring me to get into it. I’m just a creative person who wanted to get his thoughts out, and I just use it as a steam. And yeah, my dad was a bodyguard for Jay-Z, but he wasn’t the one who got me super into music like that.

Casey Veggies’ Life Changes is available now.