Skillz Speaks On Kendrick’s “Control” Verse (Video)

blame it on Shake August 22, 2013

More “Control” talk? You betcha! During a sit down with RevoltTV, Jazzy Jeff’s homeboy makes some valid points on his opinion of Kendrick Lamar’s verse and reveals his favorite responses (giving Los and Joe Budden a positive nod), Drake’s possible response and more. And if you’re in a rush, I provided a few choice quotes below.

Kendrick never said he was the best. We said he was the best, we gave him those accolades (MTV’s Hottest MC in the Game, BET Hip-Hop Awards, etc). So, you said he was the best for like a year, and then he shows you he’s the best (or wants to be the best) and everybody gets their feathers ruffled? I don’t get it.

Back in the day, ni**as woulda been at Flex that night, with some Mobb Deep instrumental… those days are over. Ni**as run to Twitter. That shit is corny to me.

It’s no way to answer Kendrick without sounding personal.

If another rapper made you wanna step your rap game up!? Then you don’t need to be rapping in the first place. If you’re aim wasn’t to be the best before you heard Kendrick, then you’re in the way.

I’m waiting to hear what Drake gotta say and I like the fact that he ain’t say nothing yet, but I know he gon’ say something. He got an album coming out. It would be smart of him to do it right before his shit about to drop. It ain’t really a marketing stunt if you said my name first. I’ma say your name when it makes perfect sense for me to say it.

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