Blue Sky Black Death – III f. Lotte Kestner

blame it on Shake September 3, 2013

Blue Sky Black Death did it again. If you thought the Child Actor-assisted “II” was long (clocking in at 11:28), the Seattle production duo gave themselves an extra two-minutes for their latest instrumental journey featuring some vocal assistance from Lotte Kestner. Taken off their upcoming record Glaciers (10/1 on Fake Four), the two sampled a Justin Bieber song using the decade old software Acid 2.0 Pro. But unless you’re a hardcode Biebs fan and/or have the time to speed up certain parts of the song, it’s not likely you’ll make the correct guess as to which one it was.

“We like to keep most of our sources hidden and obscured,” the duo told Wired by e-mail. “[But] there’s a Paul Stretched (time-stretching program called Paul Stretch) Justin Bieber sample that’s slowed 800 times [its normal playing speed] so it ends up sounding more like Gregorian chant than pop. Also, [we] used a delayed guitar sample from our favorite UK shoegaze band, Slowdive.”