The SPOTLIGHT: Dave Macli & David Ponte (Co-Founder’s of AudioMack)

blame it on Shake September 3, 2013

Anytime new audio is featured here at 2DBZ, the two main embeds are AuudioMack and Soundcloud. And with a newly-designed player, AudioMack co-founders Dave Macli and David Ponte sit down with Good*Fella Media to speak on their service, why working with a smaller team can serve as a major positive, the differences between them and their competitors and more.

“It took a while. We had this idea for a long time it was a matter of finding the right people to do it. It’s not easy to build something like this. Other sites go down when they have heavy traffic. We didn’t want artists to upload their  music and be punish when it gets too popular. — That shouldn’t happen when people are trying to download your music. We wanted to make sure when you upload your music to AudioMack. We are going to keep it up, available, and looking good.”

The two also have some amazing features on the horizon and you can expect our unofficial partnership with them to grow in the months to come.