AZ Speaks On Some Of His Best Verses

blame it on Meka September 12, 2013

“Uncut Raw.” “Gimme Yours.” “Problems.” These are just some of my favorite songs from AZ, who sat down with XXL to speak on them and twelve more of his most memorable bars. A choice quote:

On “Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide:”
“We are the products of the environment. We come from the environment in order to speak it. Everything we was around, they was still living that life. A lot of brothers I was around and have them come up there, they are either dead or in jail. I don’t want to sound so stereotypical but it’s just the life. If you came from Brooklyn, it’s not how Brooklyn was right now, how it was 20 years ago. There were still a lot of programs going on worse than I am sure they are now. We are talking about welfare and housing and jobs and loans. It’s the access to certain illegal things. They didn’t have cameras like they have now. It was just really like only the strong survive type of energy out there 20 years ago. When you make it, it’s like, “Wow, they made it out of this? Oh wow.” You know what I mean? And to speak it, “And, they speak our language?” We just wanted to speak the language to the people.”

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