IamSu! Takes Over Sacramento (Pics)

blame it on Miss_Peas September 23, 2013

The HBK Forever Tour rolled into Sacramento with Jay Ant, Kool John and IamSu! with a sold-out crowd waiting on the crew last Saturday. The Heartbreak Gang brought a piece of the Bay to Sac that night and everyone had an undeniably good time. Everyone in the crowd welcomed HBK by dancing all night and rapping back every word to every song. By the time IamSu! hit the stage, the sound level was already at a deafening level due to the amount of energy the rest of the gang brought to the show but managed to go above and beyond. Bringing out all of the camp onstage, stage diving and the unmatched energies of IamSu and HBK producer P-Lo makes you believe these guys will stay in the game for a good while. Check out the rest of the night’s recap after the jump.

IMG_8202 IMG_8601 IMG_8991 IMG_9110 IMG_9249 IMG_9344 IMG_9431 IMG_9549 IMG_9568 IMG_9578 IMG_9594 IMG_9603 IMG_9625 IMG_9632

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