Want To Feel Poor? Take A Look At Jay-Z’s New Hublot Watches

blame it on Meka October 2, 2013

Last month it was announced that Jay and high-end retail store Barneys will curate a limited-edition, “A New York Holiday” collection of items Shawn worked on with some of his favorite brands, which I know had some of the “online fashion” world (read: fauxial media “influencers”) clamoring about what items they were going to cop to presumably take pictures of and post them online to try to “stunt” or whatever. Better change those plans, as the first images from the collection – a collaboration with really expensive watchmaker Hublot – released, with a retail price of $17,900 (for the black one) and $33,900 (for the yellow gold one).

Yeah, I imagine none of those Tumblr “fashionistas” that pollute our respective timelines camping out for these any time soon. Head down bottom for more images. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head to my local YMCA to exercise before warming up my leftovers for dinner.

jayz-hublotgold jayz-hublotblack