Green-Label Presents: 15 of the Best Hip Hop Logos Ever

blame it on Shake October 3, 2013

From the iconic Wu-Tang “W” you see above to the Hieroglyphics’ ubiquitous, third eye logo, Green-Label has set out to list of the Top 15 logos in Hip Hop history. Did your favorite logo make the list? Find out below.

With the entire industry changing, the visual presentation of a hip-hop artist has gone from a few promo photos, album sleeves, and videos to a multimedia look. Design started to get more layered and involved with the advent of design firm Pen and Pixel using Photoshop to add animals, fire, money, and stylized letters onto every CD cover out. There’s something much more powerful and endearing about the logo design of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and there could be an entire list of just record label logos, but here’s 15 examples of hip-hop artists who owned the logo.

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