Eminem’s First Interview, Circa 1998 (Video)

blame it on JES7 October 13, 2013

Shake originally posted the short, two minute version of this way back in 2009. While getting lost in a Youtube portal (you know how that is sometimes), I stumbled upon the full two-part version of the interview. The dope shit about all of this is how much nostalgia came into play when seeing the VHS-like quality of the video and the UGHH logo. I’m more than certain UGHH was one of the first internet rap boards (notice I didn’t call it a “forum”) I used to browse way, way back. That site, along with OHHLA and Sandbox Automatic where I got my start at ordering underground Hip-Hop CDs online (whenever I could access the internet and/or afford to buy CDs). Peep Black Rob’s “I Dare You” playing in the background too. Part two after the jump. #MMLP2 in stores/online Nov 5th. Peep the artwork/tracklist here.